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Avoid hours of shopping for "best price" thanks to Legacy Ford's simple clear price promise

For any e-commerce transaction, if a price seems too good to be true, then this is often the case. Sadly, automotive dealerships historically haven't done themselves many favors in this respect.

Online pricing including rebates limited to a select few, or with a trade amount included automatically, or with standard fees hidden away in disclaimer small print, are just some of the practices used to keep the listed price down.

Why our online price may appear higher than our competitors

At Legacy Ford, we're committed to providing exceptional value and service right from your very first inquiry. This begins with our online pricing. We do not hide any fees, and the incentives we include are the most accessible and frequently used based on financing with Ford.

We simply want you settle on a vehicle that you will love, and have peace of mind at the outset that you will get fair and honest pricing.

Trust in our transparency

After all, dealerships know the prices that each other pay for the inventory and we can often work out how a vehicle may appear exceptionally discounted on the Internet.

Legacy Ford is transparent, so we can highlight this and save you the hassle of having to read through pages of disclaimers and disclosures.

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