Simplify Your Life in a Full-Size SUV

Vehicles by GMC and Ford can be used confidently when you need to tow or haul items to different destinations. Both brands design automobiles in strategic ways, and you can take advantage of the most practical towing and hauling features by driving a Ford Expedition or GMC Yukon. The Expedition has railings and convenient cargo options, and the Yukon has folding seats that give everyone strategic organizing opportunities.

If you need to tow or haul baseball equipment, basketball gear, or any items that are bulky, the 2018 Ford Expedition is a practical vehicle that's worth considering. Heavy objects won't impact horsepower or torque on the road because the engine can handle equipment that weighs up to 9,300 pounds.

The 2018 GMC Yukon can provide benefits during towing and hauling projects as well, though not as well as the Ford SUV. During haul situations, you'll enjoy using the cargo area because you can easily fold down the seats in order to increase space. However, if you need tools and features that can simplify long towing and hauling routines, the Expedition is a better option, as the Ford brand designs helpful cabin tools.

Legacy Ford is one of the best places to test drive the Ford Expedition. We provide Expedition automobiles to locals in Rosenberg, TX and surrounding areas.

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