Keep Your Dog Safe and Your Vehicle Clean With These Tips

When you travel with your pet in the Rosenberg, TX area, you must take their safety into consideration. At the same time, you want to keep your vehicle clean - which can be a challenge with certain pets. The following tips from our team here at Legacy Ford can help you keep your car clean, while ensure your pet safe and happy:

Your pets can leave fur all over the vehicle. An easy way to prevent a mess is simply covering the vehicle seats with blankets. You can then wash the blankets. If there is any hair left over in the car, you can easily remove it with a shower squeegee or a wet latex glove. A successful way to keep your pet happy is by giving them a toy to play with the car. Giving them some playtime and exercise before the road trip is also a good idea. As always, don't forget to bring along water, snacks and have a collar for your pet in case they get loose.

If you are looking for pet-friendly vehicles in the local area, then stop by our dealership to explore the options we have available. We can show you some of our most pet-friendly vehicles that your pet will enjoy riding in at 27225 Southwest Freeway today!

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