What is the Difference Between MPG and MPGe?

If you have been browsing our new Ford inventory lately, you may have noticed an increasing number of hybrid and plug-in hybrid models cropping up. Along with them, the mysterious term "MPGe."

What is MPGe anyway?

The 2017 Fusion Energi claims to get 104 MPGe—does that mean it drives 104 miles on a gallon of gasoline? Simply put: No.

The Fusion Energi and the C-Max Energi are plug-in hybrids, combining the benefits of an electric vehicle (EV) and a conventional hybrid. Just like an EV, they can be plugged into an outlet to charge the battery, and they can each drive a short distance on battery power alone. Like a conventional hybrid, they also have a gas tank, and can burn fuel to power the car in conjunction with battery power.

The term MPGe—miles per gallon equivalent—refers to how efficiently the vehicle uses electricity when operating in EV mode. A gallon of gas contains the same amount of energy as 33.7 kilowatt-hours of electricity. MPGe converts the kilowatt-hours required to move the car into the equivalent amount of energy in gasoline.

Plug-in hybrids like the Ford Fusion Energi have an MPG rating to describe their fuel efficiency in hybrid mode in addition to their MPGe rating for EV mode. If you are shopping hybrids, be sure to keep an eye out for both to get a complete picture of how eco-friendly a model is!

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